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Tue, May 26, 2015
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50 Myths & Lies That Threaten America's Public Schools
2014 Annual Leadership Conference Speaker Book!!! This book is guaranteed to spark lively debates and critical thinking in any classroom! Two of the most respected voices in education identify 50 myths and lies that threaten America's public schools. Berliner and Glass argue that many citizens' conception of K-12 public education in the United States is more myth than reality. Warped opinions about our nation's public schools include: they are inferior to private schools; they are among the worst in the world in math and science; teachers should be fired if their students don't score at the national average, and on and on.

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Parliamentary Procedure
NEW!! Easy, accessible, and to the point, The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Parliamentary Procedure Fast-Track gives you everything you need to know to conduct shorter, fairer, more orderly meetings.

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Price: $ 12.95

MASB Apparel Store
Welcome to the MASB E-Store! This is the place to shop for all your MASB-approved apparel and gear. Even if you've never shopped on the Web before, you'll find this site easy to use and convenient. Click on "Table of Contents/More Info" below to be redirected to the site.

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Open Meetings Act - 11th Edition
NEW!!! The eleventh edition of the Open Meetings Guide.

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Robert's Rules
NEW!! Perfect for the new president of a small group or the chairman of a large formal meeting, this guide explains everything from the ladder of motions to how to use Robert's Rules for any size or type of meeting. Expert parliamentarian Nancy Sylvester helps tailor the most popular form of parliamentary procedure today to meet any organization's needs.

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Spirit Movers: Attributes for Transforming Leadership
2014 Annual Leadership Conference Speaker Book!!!Spirit Movers affords managers and leaders, who want to transform their effectiveness and impact, the opportunity to discover how their inner spirit can elevate them to greatness through a unique framework which: * Examines how a leader's essence is the source of vision and influence. * Describes 10 major facets of leadership at three levels of performance. * Explores the power and promise of 10 Spirit Movers which are attributes for transforming leadership to a higher level.

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Surviving Your First Year
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Telling Your Story -A Communications Guide for School Boards
NEW!! Telling Your Story is a 28-page communications guide for school board members. In seven easy-to-read chapters, complete with discussion points, the book focuses on how school boards can better communicate and engage with various constituencies, set the record straight about their work, build a network of supporters, work with the district's communications department, and develop an elevator speech.

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The Will to Lead, the Skill to Teach
2014 Annual Leadership Conference Speaker Book!!! School improvement begins with self-examination and honest dialogue about socialization, bias, discrimination, and cultural insensitivity. In The Will to Lead, the Skill to Teach, the authors acknowledge both the structural and sociological issues that contribute to low-performing schools, and describe how leaders can create a healthy school culture. They offer multiple strategies and activities to improve classroom management, increase literacy, establish academic vocabulary, and create an engaging learning environment.

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Transforming School Culture - How to Overcome Staff Division
2014 Annual Leadership Conference Speaker Book! Transforming School Culture, by Anthony Muhammad, provides a framework for understanding how school cultures operate and how leaders can overcome staff division to improve relationships and transform toxic cultures into healthy ones. Muhammad draws upon his study of schools from across the U.S. to describe the underlying tensions that impact school culture among four different groups of educators in a school: the Believers, the Fundamentalists, the Tweeners and the Survivors. He provides strategies for working with each group of educators to transform school culture and intentionally create positive atmospheres that not only tolerate change, but seek and embrace the changes that maximize organizational effectiveness.

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